Over 600 years of History

On the 25th June 1314 King Robert the Bruce granted the Barony of Plane to John D’Erth of Airth.  The Barony passed to Lady Elizabeth D’Erth who married Thomas Somerville and in 1449 they built Plane Tower.  In 1529 the 5th Lord of Plane built the Manor House and so the history of Plane Castle, Baronial House of the Somervilles commenced.

Between 1566 & 1567 Mary Queen of Scots is believed to have visited the castle several times whilst travelling between Stirling and Falkirk to visit her infant son James VI being held in nearby Stirling Castle.  In 1643 the 8th Lord of Plane who fell heavily into debt sold both the castle and the Barony.  For the next 200 years Plane functioned as a farm and a mill. During this time in 1746 whilst Bonnie Prince Charlie lay ill for 3 weeks in nearby Bannockburn House his Royal Guard was billeted here at Plane Castle.

In the late 1800’s Plane Castle fell to ruin and remained that way until Sir David Menzies restored and occupied the Tower until the mid 1930’s when it again fell into disrepair.

Plane Castle was bought by John Patrick Wright as a crumbling ruin and for the following 6 years John, Nancy and their family lovingly restored Plane Castle to its former glory.



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